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The WowWee Alive Cubs or WowWee Alive mini Toys really are somewhat unusual. We have not seen another toy that seems so realistic and so mimics real life animals, they are very convincing, especially for the children. Take a look at the options below and pick your favorite. There are a number of options from Alive mini toys to the larger WowWee Alive Cubs that the kids especially love. The larger cubs can interact more and are really great companions for the children

These are just a few of the WowWee robot toys available.

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Also be sure to take a look at the WowWee Fin Fin toys, there are super fun and one of the bestselling toys this year. These Wowee toys really do have to be seen to be believed. All of them open and close their eyes and mouth. They make realistic sounds that are so convincing it is hard to remember they are not real. For example the tiger cub will dangle its legs loosely when you pick it up by the scruff of its neck, just like a real cub would.

When they are put down they will make snoring sounds for five minutes and the children really do look after them like the real thing. The Alive Mini toys for sale are one of our top picks for great toys this year and are sure to be a real hit.

The WowWee Alive mini cubs really are so convincing that it is amazing how it is done. Alive mini robots can do so much and seem so real that they make the perfect way to introduce children to the responsibility needed to take care of a pet.

With many choices available from Cats to Dogs, Polar bears and Lion cubs there is sure to be the perfect choice for any child.

When you buy any of the WowWee alive toys or Wowwee alive cubs the children get an adoption certificate included so they know it is just for them. They respond differently with different movements depending on where they are touched or patted and they know when they are laid down for a nap too.

Great fun and also the perfect friend for a child, take a look at the options and read the cheap WowWee Alive toys reviews to see what customers have to say.

Alive Mini Video

Here is a great little WowWee Alive Cubs video to see just how great they really are.

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