Angry Birds Knock On Wood Board Game

angry birds knock on wood gameMattel have just released the Angry Birds knock on wood game, adults beware, it is kind of addictive. We all like to pretend that the Angry Birds app for various gadgets is for the kids but let’s be honest, it is about as addictive as it can get, no matter what age you are.

And now the Angry Birds knock on wood board game, for sale at a great low price from our chosen supplier at the cheap kids toys store, is going to ensure that family fun continues but in a more interactive and social way. You have been warned! Don’t forget the Angry Birds Plush toys too!

This is a simple enough board game that is suitable for all ages so is definitely the perfect option for families that want to have some good old fashioned interactive fun.

What We Love About Angry Birds Board Game

The simplicity is what makes it so much fun. 2-4 players get to play the best selling phone app in real life and the game play is fast and furious. We get all the pieces we need to both build and destroy.

The premise is simple yet fun. And the best price Angry Birds board game that is available via the button means that this is a very cheapo addition to the games cupboard.

What Do We Do?

Players have to draw a card and then build what is shown.

But beware, other players will be attempting to knock down the structure and the pigs that you have just built. As this is entirely suitable for relatively young children one of the great features is that it does not have to be played as a board game.

In fact many parents have bought it as it is currently the best and cheapest way to buy plastic Angry Birds toys. Children then have a great time just playing with the figures, the pigs that are also included make for great fun play time too.

If you want to buy the Angry Birds knock on wood board game then get ready for fun and a certain amount of mayhem. As the aim of the actual game is to knock down structures you will find that pieces are prone to scatter in all directions. Try to play in an area where it is easy to pick up the pieces.

Or, make the hunt for pieces a part of the game itself. The kids will be running around with a great deal of excitement gathering up the pieces to take a turn building the next structure.

Here is an Angry Birds board game video that shows exactly what you get.

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