Angry Birds Plush Toys For Sale

angry birds plush toysWe recently took a  look at the Angry Birds board game and now we have a great selection of Angry Birds Plush toys for sale via our favorite supplier, so let the addictive birds fun continue.

Not only can you buy the Angry Birds plush toys but the Angry Pigs plush toys are for sale too, as well as Angry Birds plush set options for the most fun possible.

The current size options are for Angry Birds 5″ plush with sound, which makes them extremely cheap to buy. Any fan of the game or the new board game will be delighted to have their very own plush, and the great news is that there are plenty of color options, as well as the pigs and all the other birds that we have come to love. Or hate, depending on how addicted you or the children have got to the game 😉

Angry Birds Plush Colors

Currently you can buy the traditional red, but we can also choose from yellow, black, blue or white. Plus the green pigs too. More than enough choice to make any fan happy.

How They Work

The Angry Birds plush with sound work by a simple squeeze. We simply squeeze the top of the plush and we get to hear lots of great sounds from the app game. There are currently 3 sounds played, one of them being the sound the bird or pig makes in the game.


The Size of 5 inches is just about perfect. Not too small so that they get lost but not so big that they can’t be carried about wherever the children go.

They are also extremely soft to the touch and are a genuine licensed Angry Birds product from Rovio so we know that we are getting a quality product.

If you want to play Angry Birds for free then you can get it for free for Chrome users here or from the usual app stores for phones, iPads and other mobile devices.

Below you can see one young fans Angry Birds review in video form:

Angry Birds Plush Toys Reviews



There is no doubt that they are great fun indeed. Nice and soft and squishy, as the young reporter demonstrates, and as the Angry Birds plush toys are so cheap there is no doubt that they are a great gift to buy.

I kind of want one myself, but I don’t think it would go down to well with my Wife, she tells me I spend enough time playing the game as it is, but I may try to sneak one into the house if I can!

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