Anti Gravity Platform Fascinations Levitron Globe World Stage

levitron globeWow, wow, wow. Is all that we can say. This is the coolest executive toy ever. Amazingly cool and an amazing talking point for all the older kids out there. This Levitron Globe world stage is a floating globe that works whether it is flat on the surface, tipped sideways or upside down. The anti gravity platform is a stunningly interesting item that we have never seen the like of before. Suitable for young children too it is the adults that really seem to be the people most interested in this very cool item.

Anti Gravity Globe And Platform

The antigravity globe is available in a few different options so be sure to take a look. The most popular being the levitron globe and platform that lights up. This can all be set up in just a minute or two and then the globe spins and levitates in the air. Perfect for a desk top executive toy the reviews really are all rather glowing for this very cool item.

It is something that we have never seen before but are now totally amazed it. The anti gravity platform allows you to use the supplied globe but you can actually put any light object on it and it will float and spin. A paper aeroplane, a trinket, a favorite object, they will all float in the air.

Don’t ask how they do it as we haven’t got a clue, but after reading about it there is no doubt that it does work so get your Levitron floating globe and the anti gravity platform and be prepared to be amazed.

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