Apples To Apples Card Game Apples To Apples Game Party Box

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The apples to apples game has sold over 3 million copies and is an extremely popular game and great fun for the whole family. Try to keep a straight face when playing, you simply won’t be able to.

Open the box, deal out the set of cards and then you are all ready to play this most popular comparison card game.

With a thousand cards you will find this game so much fun it may well become a nightly event. The game involves lots of quick thinking and lots of humor as well as a surprising amount of strategy as well.

If you want a game that actually will help improve kids word skills as well as a great amount of family fun then this is one of those educational toys that actually seems like nothing of the sort. With the apples to apples game the more players the more fun as you will see more hilarious results as people try to match their best cards to the judges. Everyone takes turns being the judge and this is where a lot of the strategy lies.

But more than that it is fun fun fun and reading a few of the many apples to apples reviews one thing is more than apparent, that’s right, it is hilarious.

Buy the apples to apples card game and you will be amazed how exciting this at first seemingly simple game of cards really is. Everyone stated that they simply laughed the whole time they played it and it is perfect for when family are together at the holidays or just when you all feel like sitting around the table together and playing a great game. For the low price this belongs in every ones game collection, you will be glad you bought it and so will the rest of your friends and family.


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