Barbie Dream Townhouse Cheap: The Barbie Pink 3 Story Dream Townhouse


With so many Kids Toys available to buy we can be a little lost when it comes to deciding just what to get. Well, we should all remember that the classic Dolls and Toys, like those in the Barbie collection are still extremely popular, none more so than the amazing Barbie Townhouse. In fact, the Barbie Dream Townhouse is still one of the most popular cheap toys for girls. And don’t forget the Barbie video girl so the children can make a movie of the great Barbie Townhouse.

It is easy to forget that Barbie Toys and Barbie Houses and accessories are very popular indeed and this is going to stay like this for many years to come. There is simply something very endearing about her to Girls of all ages and this means that will always see new items like the Barbie Townhouse being brought to the market.

In fact the image really does not do it justice. IT IS MASSIVE! The Barbie Townhouse is really rather impressive in terms of size and just what you get for your money. Let’s take a look at why it is so popular.

Buy Barbie Dream Townhouse

There is a personal Barbie elevator to save her walking up the stairs. A nice fireplace and even a flat screen TV. She really has moved in to the modern era hasn’t she? She has a great bathroom and even an outdoor hot tub the lucky girl. The sounds that come with the set are all those you would get in a house. A roaring fire, a doorbell, a flushing toilet and the list goes on.

The house is actually over three feet tall and is fully furnished. There are sounds and lights on every level and the detailing is superb. It is very realistic and of course is furnished in traditional Barbie pink. This is definitely a must for any child that loves Barbie and they will have hours of great Barbie role-playing fun as they move her about her fantastic 3 story Barbie townhouse.

Deluxe Barbie Dream House

For the Barbie fan the Deluxe Barbie dream house is the ultimate in quality housing and they Girls will absolutely love this to play with. It has everything that Barbie needs to live in the modern era and we have even got outdoor tiki lights for when she is enjoying her hot tub.

No expense has been spared to make this the ultimate Barbie House with all mod cons and yet still retain a classic Barbie-esque look to all the finishes and items that it comes fully stocked with. Even the kitchen has everything she would need to entertain guest and friends.

Be sure to click on the image for a closer look at just why this is the ultimate gift for girls that simply love their Barbie Dream Townhouse.

Barbie Dream Townhouse Reviews

Use the link above to read over a hundred reviews of customers that bough the dream townhouse. You will then be able to see exactly why this is such a great and well received gift. There you will also be able to see that we have the Barbie Dream Townhouse best price guaranteed. You will not find it cheaper online.

Barbie Dream Townhouse Video

Click to view the video of the Barbie Dream Townhouse. You can see just how amazing this massive Barbie Townhouse really is.

And don’t forget the free Barbie printable coloring pages resource that we have so that you can have even more Barbie themed fun.

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