Barbie Vacation House Glam

barbie vacation house

There are certainly no shortage of amazing Barbie gift ideas but the Barbie Vacation House, or the Barbie Glam Vacation House is one of the best Barbie houses on the market. We have looked at the great Barbie Video Girl and the Barbie Townhouse so let’s take a look at the Barbie vacation home.

For any Barbie fan the Barbie vacation home is going to be amazing fun. With 2 stories and 6 rooms this is a very versatile and very glam Barbie house. We can use the simple clip technology to move furniture and even fittings around the rooms to make any number of different combinations. We have a bedroom, a breakfast room, patio, kitchen and so much more.

And the great thing is that it all folds up in to a nice carry case so that it is totally portable.

Glam Barbie House

barbie glam housebarbie carry house

We are certainly getting our money’s worth with the cheap Barbie Glam Vacation House for sale. Not only is there plenty of furniture and many other items, including movable lights but the two stories are packed with great colored (pink) features too.

A great open air balcony for enjoying breakfast or for entertaining friends. A couch for relaxing on and watching the flip out flat screen tv, it seems to have it all. And the fact that this is a portable Barbie house makes it perfect for girls who simply never want to leave their Barbie alone.

The price is exceptionally low so be sure to take a look at one of the most popular of the many Barbie gift ideas currently available.

Full of amazing features and certainly a lot of fun with all the movable furniture and lights the Barbie Glam Vacation House is going to be loved by any girl lucky enough to get it this year. We also have a free printable Barbie coloring pages resource where you can print off lots of great A4 posters for the children to color in .

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