Barbie Video Girl Doll

For any Barbie fans this is going to be an awesome gift. The Barbie video girl doll has finally arrived. We have three great options for the Barbie video doll, blond, brunette or African American.

With the Barbie video doll for sale we can make movies from her point of view. There is a video camera in her necklace so we can record what she does. With an LCD screen in her backpack we can even watch in real time what we are recording. Young girls are going to love this very interactive barbie and it is perfect for filming when she entertains her friends in the Barbie Dream House.

Barbie Video Doll

barbie cameraThe Barbie video girl records up to 25 minutes of video and audio that we can then transfer to a computer by means of the simple USB cable so they can be kept forever.

We also get special software so that the children can easily make their own Barbie movies that have great music and introductions.

This is the perfect gift for any Barbie fan and is going to give the children hours of fun. They can pose her in all kinds of situations and record the other Barbie dolls with her friends as well as then sending the movies to others too.

We run all of this of just two batteries so it is very simple to use and she can be taken absolutely anywhere. Buy the Barbie video girl doll today and get any young girl the best possible gift. With the editing software being very suitable for young children as it is so easy to use this may be the beginning of a long movie career, and what better way to start then with making films from Barbies own point of view with the great Barbie video camera doll. You may also like our free resource for Barbie coloring pages to print, lots of fun and totally free.

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