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Here at the Kids Toys Store we must be getting lazy! We have only just heard of the Bendaroos so we looked around for the best prices and you can now get an amazing offer via the banner below. Over 500 Bendaroos is sure going to keep the kids entertained for some time. Let’s take a little look at just what they are.

They do seem pretty amazing and for the low price and for 500 Bendaroos this is one kids toy that we can all afford. What is surprising is just how versatile they are. The children can make just about anything with them.

You get 250 colored Bendaroos and 250 Neon Bendaroos. Parents will be ecstatic to know that they can be used over and over again, there is no glue or anything sticky involved, they can simply be shaped and they keep their shape. When the kids want to use them again they simply unwrap them and away they go again.

There are not many kids toys at a low price like this where you can basically re-use them forever. You should see some of the things the kids make with them. The possibilities are practically endless. And at the moment you also get some great free gifts with your purchase. A fun guide telling you all about them and 10 traceable templates so the kids can get started straight away.

The Bendaroos are not as easy to find as I would have imagined so if you have come here wondering where to buy Bendaroos then now you know. Simply click the banner and make your purchase via the secure order page and you will be surprised at the fact they are not more readily available, especially at the low prices. The Bendaroos reviews that I have found have all been much more glowing then even I had thought they would be.

From making creatures to writing your name to basically just about anything, kids love them and even a few parents have got hooked as well. If you want a great sticky toy that involves no glue or mess and can allow your child to be endlessly creative then get some Bendaroos today.


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