Best Price For Bananagrams Game

bananagrams game
We have Bananagrams Game at a super low price. This game has constantly been one of the most purchased games for nigh on two years now. Super cheap but amazingly good fun, you will absolutely love it.

Based on Scrabble this is an amazing way to pass the time and is one of our favorite board games style of games here at the cheap kids toys store. Bananagrams is perfect for playing games on the move. Easily take it anywhere with its funky banana bag. The kids love the simple design of this game and it is a great educational game as well as being great fun for the whole family.

Simple to play yet full of complexity at the same time the best price for bananagrams that we have means that you are sure to find it extremely good value for money and a board game not to be missed. With 144 letter tiles see how long a word you can make. Simpler than Scrabble in that you do not need to have to worry about the points squares, you will find this perfect fun.

You can amend the rules to suit who plays. If adults and children are playing then you may like to handicap the adults by making them take two tiles for each child’s one, it depends if you think you are more clever than them!

As far as educational toys for kids goes this is perfect. Lots of fun but it also gets the gray matter working as well. Ideal for improving word skills and introducing new words to the kids vocabulary you will find that for traveling or fun games at home you really can’t get much better than the cheap Bananagrams game.

With bananagrams now having been available for some time we are very pleased to see just how many people have given positive feedback about this game. It may be one of the cheapest board games available but we are hard pushed to think of anything better. Combining fun and education in a game is never easy, and this does it perfectly.

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