Best Price Lalaloopsy Dolls Lalaloopsy Mini Dolls And Lalaloopsy Fashion Packs

lalaloopsy dollsIf you are looking for the best price Lalaloopsy Dolls for sale then we have a treat in store for you. All of these amazing Lalaloopsy toys are available for some amazingly low prices.

We will take a look at what is available, but please see the link above to browse all the options quickly and to check the low prices. And the new Lalaloopsy Twins pack is now also available and is now by far the bestselling option.

And don’t forget the Mini Lalaloopsy Ferris wheel if you buy any of the Mini dolls, or buy the Ferris wheel and get a free Mini Lalaloopsy included.

There are a lot of choices available for Lalaloopsy Dolls so let’s see what all of their names are.

The Lalaloopsy Dolls were called Bitty Buttons Dolls but for some reason the name has now changed. These wonderful rag dolls each has her own personality. When we buy we get the following:

  • A wonderful unique Lalaloopsy Bitty doll
  • A certificate of promise
  • A cool poster
  • A pet

Lalaloopsy Button Eyed Dolls Names

lalaloopsy doll jewel sparklesCrumb Sugar Cookie

Peanut Big Top

Bea Spells a lot

Jewel Sparkles

Dot Starlight

Pillow Featherbed

Spot Splatter Splash

Mittens Fluff N Stuff

And the special twin Lalaloopsy Dolls pack of Sunny Side Up and Berry Jars N Jam.

Lalaloopsy Mini Dolls

lalaloopsy miniSome wonderful news is that we now have the Lalaloopsy Mini dolls.

Each mini Lalaloopsy again comes with a special pet but his time we get even more!!!! We get extras for each doll like maybe a paint set or a nice mirror, there are lots of options and we even get a house as well. The packaging actually acts as a great home for the Lalaloopsy Mini so the children are going to absolutely love it.


Get them soon, as with the larger Lalaloopsy they are hard to find already and becoming very scarce indeed. And don’t forget to get the great new Mini Lalaloopsy Tea Set too.

Wow, what a collection. These amazing rag dolls each are made from different materials and each have a special birthday. And although they have amazing clothes there are also some great Lalaloopsy Fashion Packs too.

Lalaloopsy Fashion Packs

lalaloopsy fashion packsSee all the Fashion Packs HERE

In the cool fashion packs there are options such as wonderful party dresses, Raincoats and robes too. Perfect for all occasions.

The Lalaloopsy Dolls MGA Entertainment have released are one of the most exciting releases for girls this year and wonderful to collect. As we have so much choice there is sure to be the perfect doll for every girl. We can choose from the great selection  and get her a fashion pack as well.

The Lalaloopsy figures are definitely about the best toy for girls this year. Super cute, full of fun and wonder and each with her own pet. They come alive and take on the personalities of the rags they were made from, buy early and be sure to get the Lalaloopsy toys for a great low price.

Jennifer says: The Lalaloopsy are still the bestselling doll this year so make sure you buy early to avoid them being sold out. Last year there was a large rush and all suppliers found it hard to keep them in stock.

We love Lalaloopsy!

See you soon.


p.s We still have the best price Lalaloopsy online so make sure to buy as soon as you can.

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