Book Vs Kindle: A Surprising Kids Toys Gift Idea

Surprisingly quite a number of parents have been buying the Amazon Kindle Reader for their children. Not quite Kids Toys but a very worthy gift. But is the Kindle, now also a UK Kindle edition, better than simply buying books? Parents are buying them for the kids in huge numbers and this seems to be increasing daily.

Well, having taken a look at it there is one thing for sure and that is that if you or the children read on a regular basis then the Kindle is certainly a worthwhile purchase. You can click on the image below for loads of Kindle Reviews and more information than you could shake a stick at.

Read Kindle Reviews Or Make A Purchase

The truth is that books are expensive to buy and after one or two reads they are in less than perfect condition. Over the course of a year this really does add up. Although the Kindle needs to be purchased it then gives us a few very distinct advantages over books.

We can buy the books at reduced prices and have them downloaded in less than 60 seconds. This will see significant savings over the course of a year. We also get free online storage for any purchase made. This means that whatever happens in the future we can always retrieve our books online to download again.

Sad, but also true is that we live in a very portable age. For both kids and adults alike this means we like to be able to interact with our gadgets on the go. A Kindle is much better to read than to be texting away on our mobile phones. At least we are seeing some education involved and it will certainly make the kids take more of an interest in reading if the books are available quickly and easily and in a more high tech fashion. Not suitable for very young children but anyone looking for a great gift for a teenager or approaching that age could do a lot worse than buying them a Kindle reading device.

Although there is something almost magical about holding a book in your hands the Kindle is surprisingly realistic as far as reading is concerned. There is no glare from the screen and the text and background are so close to the colors of a paperback it is hard to believe you are not holding a sheet of paper. As far as Book vs Kindle goes the kindle is a very good investment for the future for anyone who reads on a regular basis.


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