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The ZoomDoogle Bucky Balls are an exiting new release and here at the cheap kids toys we love this new educational toys addition. Based around rare earth magnets called neodymium these are little round balls that can be used to make endless shapes. Not for young children though as there are lots of small parts.

The set comes with a carry case that contains 216 magnetic balls that are impossible to put down. The possibilities are endless with bucky balls. Make shapes, curves, big balls, stick them to the fridge, the choices are endless. The little magnetic balls have opposite poles so you have to figure out how to put them together which makes it a great educational toy that is limited only by your child’s imagination.

The bucky balls reviews I have read all agree that the children find them almost impossible to put down and they want more to make bigger and better objects so you may find it best to buy a few sets. It seems that the adults love this magnetic game just as much as the kids so be warned that you may just get hooked on them as well.

This is a very innovative new game and is sure to be a hit with anyone over about the age of 13. Teenagers seem to absolutely love them and they can make some very imaginative designs once they get used to how to put them together.

Be warned, these are very strong magnets so anyone with a pace maker should not play with them. A single ball is strong enough to hold the other 215 so these really are a great novelty as well as being very educational, and of course, lots of fun as well. Take a look at them by clicking the image above, you can then also reads lots of bucky balls reviews as well.



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