Cheap Tomy Pop Up Pirates Game For Sale

Tomy pop up pirateGet ready for pop up pirate fun with the great and very inexpensive pop up pirate game. The kids are going to absolutely love it, it is totally addictive.

This is a great fun game that is loved by anyone who gets the chance to play it. The whole family will soon become involved in sliding the colorful swords in to the pop up pirate game to win. But watch out, one wrong move and you are in for a shock, the pirate EXPLODES from his calm position and is sure to make everyone jump.

Fantastic fun and a really good family toy that is sure to be out ready for use more often than in its box, when it comes to cheap toys you really are going to love this one.

The pirate unfortunately for him has his head pushed down in to the barrel. We are then spring loaded and ready to go. We then take in turns with our swords but woe betide anyone who activates the spring, the pirate is free and with a vengeance.

This is one of those very simple games that give hours of amusement. You are sure to love it. The cheap tomy pop up pirate game is simple but great family fun and there are a lack of such game on the market currently. Take advantage of the low price it is available for and buy it today, the kids are going to absolutely love it.

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