Christmas Number One Toy 2009

Not so long ago I wrote about what was the Christmas number one Toy 2009 and the fact that it was the Zhu Zhu Pets that were selling in record numbers. Now, as we approach the end of November, Nov 24 to be precise, I thought it would be interesting to see if things have changed.

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I say this because although sales of Zhu Zhu pets are still going strong, they are now, for many, very expensive. What started out as a $9 has now reached the price of $60 in some cases. Please do not blame me for this. This site is set up to find the best prices from the many toy stores available. As it is basically only Amazon who has them and then only through third party sellers, people are charging high prices and this will continue as long as people are willing to pay for it. They may come down in price as more are now being produced but we will have to see.

So, what is the Christmas number 1 toy 2009? If we go here we can see it is actually a Lego advent calender that is top at the moment closely followed by the large Lego set. Then we have a large run of Zhu zhu pets and all the extras. If you bookmark the page you will be able to easily keep checking to see what the best selling toys are. Amazon are by far the largest retailer so their results can be used as a very good guide overall in terms of what is selling the best. Christmas toys for kids will most likely change a little but it seems that even at the higher prices for Zhu Zhu pets at the moment they are still selling in incredible numbers.

The Christmas number one toy is most likely to still be the Zhu Zhu pets but this will depend on the price I think. They are a great little toy and the kids certainly love them to bits but if they keep staying so hard to find and the prices rise they will soon be a collectors item more than anything else. What do you think  should be the best Christmas toy 2009? The Zhu Zhu pets? Or do you think that because of the price they are now not worth buying?

EDIT: The list has completely changed in just a few day so be sure to click the link at the top to see just what is selling the best at the moment.

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