Dora The Explorer Dolls

There is no doubt that Dora the explorer toys are available in many different options but it is the Dora the explorer dolls for sale that are the most popular to buy. There are a number of cute dolls to choose from, beginning with small Dora plush toys to amazing large Dora the explorer plush dolls that are still very low in price.

dora the explorer dolls


We will find that the Ty Dora plush dolls are some of the most popular. From small plush options well under ten dollars to a great large Dora the explorer soft toy that is still amazing low in price and will be a new best friend to any lucky girl that gets her.

Take a look at the customer reviews to see just what is the most popular option and to read a little more about each doll. We will find that they all seem to be very popular and are very well made. From backpack dolls to Dora’s monkey dolls, all the characters are available including, of course, Dora herself.

If you want a cheap Dora doll that is ready for bedtime then you can get that as well and she even has her nightdress on ready for a lovely sleep. Buy Dora when she is ready to go to school or when she has her dancing outfit on, there are clothes options as well as different doll sizes too.

Whatever kind of Dora the explorer doll it is that you are looking for you can be sure to find it in the large collection that is now available. Prices are exceptionally low, especially considering just how well made the toys are, with the Ty now attached to many of them we know that we are going to be getting something of real quality that will last for years to come. Don’t forget our free Dora coloring pages to print!

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