Fun Kids Toys

We looked at an amazingly fun kids toy the other day, the Mindflex Game. There is no doubt that this is an amazingly fun game to play for the whole family. Today I simply wanted to talk in general about the games that we buy for our kids and the line that maybe we should draw under just what it is we buy them.

You may know that I am a great believer in educational kids toys and there are some great ones that you can browse via the links on the left, but I certainly don’t forget about the full on fun side of games as well. What I wonder is just whether we are doing our kids justice with the games that we buy them. What I mean is are we getting the balance right?

Choosing Fun Kids Toys

Just what should we be buying our kids anyway?

Should it be games for children that are pure fun? Toys with an educational aspect to them? Or just toys that always have some form of education or learning enhancement to them? It is difficult for many to decide. What I think is that we need a healthy mix of both.

I think that we should certainly be getting some toys for kids with an educational slant but also many of their toys should be purely to play with and have fun. We all want our kids to succeed in life and this is surely why the children’s educational toys have taken off in such a big way, but let’s not put too much pressure on them from too early an age either.

There is time enough for their education and although we want to encourage them to develop themselves we must also remember that they must be allowed to play with no constraints on them having to be learning at the same time.


There are so many great toys that are inexpensive we can all afford. Let us get some great fun toys that are nothing but that. A zhu zhu pet hamster with a carry case and bed is a perfect example of this. Nothing but a pure fun toy for children that goes down extremely well as we can see by just how well they are selling.

I really am all for a great mix of both fun toys for kids and some with a learning aspect to them.

I know that we all have a different outlook on what the correct balance may be but one thing is for certain and that is that a great mix of all manner of toys will make them well rounded individuals and that is the best we can hope for from our children.

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