Green Toys Tea Set For Sale Recycled Toys

Buy The Green Toys Tea Set

The Green Toys range seems to have literally exploded on to the scene with a fantastic range of more eco friendly toys that are fast becoming some of the most popular toys for kids. Cheap toys don’t come more “green” than this. Above you can see just a fraction of the range. Click the image to see all that is available.

The Green Toys tea set is made from recycled plastic and is actually the plastic milk cartons collected from so many homes. Of course, the kids are not interested in that, although if they are old enough it is a very good way to explain all about recycling. Here is what they children will get:

A tea pot, creamer, sugar bowl, four cups, four saucers and four spoons. Not bad at all for the very low price that the green toys tea set is available for. The green toys range is all FDA approved and totally safe to let the children drink from and do all the usual playing that makes having a cup of tea for children feel so grown up.

Even the packaging is recycled so this really is a very eco friendly toy for the kids, and you can even use eco friendly cleaners like the original spaghetti scrub cleaner. This really is a range of kids toys that we are excited about and we have even given them a category all of there own so be sure to take a look as we will be adding new products to it as we can find the time.

Environmentally friendly toys really should not be overlooked and it is important that if we can we do buy more eco friendly toys for the kids. This is not to say that quality has been compromised in search of some eco credentials. The green toys range is made to the highest quality and all in the USA which is very unusual in todays financial climate.

All in all the green toys tea set is a great buy and available at a great price.


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