Hamusuta the Happy Hamster in Ball

Buy Hamusuta the Happy Hamster in Ball

Hamusuta is the Happy Hamster in a Ball.  One kids craze that is economical as well as fun.

Since the huge popularity of Zhu Zhu Pets has come close to outstripping supply, Hamusuta is filling the gap for many Hamster Hunting parents.  Still in stock, and with an extremely low price tag, this is one hamster in a ball that Santa can pop in your kid’s stocking leaving you cash to spend on that all important ‘Main Gift’.

The Happy Hamster scurries about both in his ball and on his own. Customer reviews suggest he is better used inside the ball in carpeted areas, but will run well alone on hard flooring. The hamster toy only requires one AAA battery, which is always a bonus as there is nothing worse than a child’s favorite toy running out of power when you have run out of batteries.

Toy Hamsters in Stock

There are still several different suppliers dispatching Hamusuta Hamster Toys. Though growing in popularity as an economical alternative to Zhu Zhu Pets, Hamusuta sales have yet to fall victim to over-pricing or dwindling stocks. Amazon have the widest stocks of toy hamsters online (see links above), with a range of Hamsters in Balls and Wheels for $6 to $8.

Zhu Zhu Alternatives

Depending on just how savvy your kids are, you may find the Hamusuta Happy Hamster makes an ideal and much more easily obtained alternative to the Zhu Zhu Hamsters so popular this year. After all, Hamusuta is just as cuddly, soft and cute. In fact, several parents completing Hamusuta Toy Hamster reviews have noted their kids are even using him in the Zhu Zhu Accessories still readily available.

Be warned though, kids over a certain age will know the difference. Hamusuta is Happy but he cannot reverse, change direct or squeak like a Zhu Zhu! But, his cute appearance and entertaining capers in his ball are sure to keep little kids amused and will certainly entertain the family’s pets too.

Hamusuta the Happy Hamster in a Ball has been around for years, but thanks to the popularity of Zhu Zhus is now getting the recognition the cute little fella deserves!


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