Hasbro Scrabble Flash Cubes

scrabble flash cubes

The brand new Scrabble Flash Cubes are already extremely popular. You can buy Scrabble flash cubes at a discounted price here at the kids toys store links. What we will find is that this is the perfect alternative to the original Scrabble if we need a quick Scrabble fix without all the tiles and the space that it takes up.

Suitable for single players as well as for family fun the Scrabble Flash Cubes for sale are a great new idea. We get 5 flash cubes that we have to make words from and they keep the score electronically. There are a number of different game modes to chose from and these include multi-player games as well as challenges for those who want a Scrabble fix on their own.

Scrabble Cubes

The Scrabble flash cubes will automatically display 5 letters. You then place them in the order that you want to make a word and as they all touch each other the cubes have the ability to realize that a words has been made and makes a noise and keeps the score.

There are a number of different modes to play with and be challenged by, including a time sensitive mode where we have to make as many words as we can in the allotted time frame.

This really is a great new game idea that makes Scrabble very portable. The cubes and box take up a minimal amount of space so it can pretty much be taken anywhere at all.

There are also modes where you are eliminated if you don’t make a word quickly enough so there are plenty of possibilities with this great new release.

Complete with long lasting batteries and instructions this is a great fun family game that is great for the children. It can also be played with just 4 cubes rather than the supplied 5 to make it a little easier if young children are playing.

Buy today at the discounted price and let the Hasbro Scrabble Flash Cubes fun begin.

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