Hedbanz Game For Kids

hedbandz game

The cheap Headbanz game for kids is one of those must have games. It is simply so much fun that it becomes almost addictive. Buy Headbanz for a great low price and let the fun begin.

With the Headbandz for kids game we are getting a simple game that is fun for the whole family. We pick a card from one of three categories, food, animal or common object. Then we put the card in our headband so that everyone apart from us can see it.

Then we have to act fast.

We have one minute to ask questions to find out exactly who we are. If we don’t get the answer in time then we have to pick up a chip. We start with three and the idea is to get rid of them as quickly as we can. If we discover who we are then we discard a chip, but guess wrong and the chips keep mounting up.

This is a novel new take on a traditional game that used to be played with pen and paper where we would stick the paper to our forehead. But the choice of cards and helpful question suggestions for the kids makes the new Headbanz for kids board game a great all round family fun game to play.

Hedbanz Game

headbanz for kidsPerfect for between 2 and 6 players the Headbandz Game is brilliant family fun that is fast paced and really gives everyone’s brains a good workout. It helps with increasing the children’s deductive reasoning skills, but at the end of the day it is just fast paced fun for all.

Great for families to play together, work out whether you are a a food item, an animal or a common object with the brilliant Headbanz for Kids game.

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