Hogwarts LEGO Game Harry Potter LEGO Game

lego hogwartsFast becoming one of the most popular LEGO sets this year, along with the Lego Creationary Game,  the Hogwarts LEGO set is available for a very low price. See below for pricing and to read some customer reviews of the LEGO Hogwarts set for sale.

Let’s take a look at just what you get if you buy this most popular of LEGO sets:

Hogwarts LEGO Set

  • 332 Lego pieces
  • 9 micro-figures of the popular characters
  • A LEGO die
  • Building instructions
  • Board
  • Rule book

But the fun really starts once the 2-4 players begin to play.

Race to collect items from the classrooms but beware of moving stairs and magical mayhem as the game advances. You will find that as well as being great fun this is also very creative as you get to build so much of the game yourselves.

On top of that is the fact that the game has endless options and can be adapted in any number of ways to create more intrigue and variations on the traditional rules.

Tremendous fun for all the family this is one of those games that really does allow the imagination to run riot as well as having all of the great build pieces that we associate with traditional LEGO pieces.

With Harry Potter being so popular there is no doubt that the cheap LEGO Hogwarts Harry Potter game is going to be one of the most popular board games to buy this year. And when you see how low the price is as well as read the Harry Potter Lego board game reviews from satisfied customers you will know that you have made a wise purchase decision.

This game is as much fun for adults as it is for children so we highly recommend it for great family entertainment that also helps to stimulate the children’s imaginations as well as giving everyone hours of fun playing a great game at their favorite haunted and magical school, Hogwarts.

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