Hot Kids Toys

Of course each year is different and even part of every year will see a different toy being the next big thing. As of the time of writing (late October 2009) there is no doubt what the hot kids toy is at the moment…..

Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters

Make no mistake about it these little fake furry hamsters are selling like crazy. Every so many years a toy comes along that absolutely must be had by nearly all children. This year it sees the Zhu Zhu Pet as the absolute must have toy for nearly all children. Here at the Kids Toys Store we have some great offers on many different toys thanks to our sponsors and yet again it is the special links we have from Amazon that can see us getting the must have toy this year at the best prices. Click here to buy a Zhu Pet at the best prices online.

So what exactly are these little furry critters?

Well (obviously) as the name implies they are a toy hamster. They each come with their own names, such as Mr. Squiggles and Chunk, and they each, from what I can discover, make up to 40 different noises, depending on where they are and what they are doing. It seems that they all have their own set of sounds so they are very individual, at least for children. They all have different colors and this really does set them all apart.

This hot children’s toy is a sure winner this year and there is little doubt that we are going to see both sales and prices escalate as we get closer to the season of goodwill.

There are a massive number of extras that go with them so parents are advised to buy with caution. It could see a massive hole on the Christmas budget if you get carried away and try to buy too many of the many additions that are available.

Just a few of them include the zhu zhu pets funhouse, the hamster ball, the zhu pets hamster wheel with tunnel, slides, skatebaords, surfboards and little zhu zhu pets carry cases with blankets. And that is just the beginning. Try not to get carried away when shopping, if you try to get too many it will see you spending an awful lot on just one toy. Much better to buy a zhu zhu pet and maybe one or two extras and then move on to other cheap gift ideas for kids. There are massive numbers of different toys available at low prices so be sure to mix it up a little this year.

We have seen time and time again that quite often children tire quickly of one toy and want to play with something different so be sure to not only concentrate on one type of thing.

Think of other cheap kids toys that may be of interest and don’t forget about things like trampolines which are seeing a real surge in popularity of late. They are a great way to both keep the kids highly entertained but are also becoming a great form of exercise for both young and old.

Gifts for kids like trampolines are a fantastic idea and with all the mini trampolines now available they are amazingly cheap to buy. Anyone who reads here regularly also knows how much of a fan I am of kids educational toys so be sure to take a look at what is on offer. They are both fun and interesting for the kids but also give them a little boost over their peers when it comes to learning and staying ahead in the future. It doesn’t have to be in a pressured way that children learn, they will be having fun with much of the kids educational toys now available so see what you think.

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