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With James Cameron’s Avatar having done so well at the box office it comes as no surprise that there are now a number of cheap toys available from the movie. Click the above image to browse the full extensive range of Avatar characters and toys, all at great low prices.

With character specific i-tags these action figures are definitely a move in to the sci-fi age with 3D battle scenes available and many of the figures have glow in the dark bioluminescence.

The kids will be over the moon with the quality and versatility of these Avatar action figures and they usually come with their own set of extras, making them a great deal and very collectible.

Much like the Star Wars range you will find that the kids can’t get enough of playing out scenes from the Avatar movie and with so many to collect they make great gifts. The new Avatar action figures range seems to be growing daily and there really are some very interesting characters available, from fighting machines to the principal characters, you may not know the names but the kids certainly do.

Take a look at the massive range of cheap Avatar figures available and you can rest assured that whatever you choose they are of the highest possible quality.  Reading a few Avatar action figure reviews it is clear that these figures are made with close attention to detail and this is surely a sign that they will be extremely popular. With great detail the kids imaginations really can run wild as they play out film scenes or make up their own scenarios involving their favorite characters from the movie.

All in all a great buy and sure to be a real winner with any fans of the movie.

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