Kids Toys Under $20-Cheap Toys For Kids

We looked at kids toys under $10 and there are a surprising number of great gift ideas for children that can be purchased for just a few cents. Yo-yo’s are practically free as they are only a few cents.

Today I thought it would be good to take a look at the most popular toys for children under $20. This is still an affordable price for some great extras for the kids and it is often a good idea to buy a few cheap kids toys than one more expensive one. Cheap kids toys are actually in abundance and it means that we can easily find a great gift whatever the budget.

As usual Amazon has both the best selection and the best prices so let’s see just what are some great buys for under the $20 mark.

Toys Under $20

Please note all prices are at the time of writing (Nov 2009 but may rise at any given time and are not guaranteed. At only $14 the Bananagrams is a great buy. Educational and a lot of fun this is a very popular item and has been one of the best selling items for a long long time. In a similar vain we have the Scrabble Apple.

This is just over $12 which makes it a little cheaper. Just choose your favorite fruit and get a great game for the whole family. These games are great because they are so portable and help with the kids education as well as having a lot of fun.

You can simply pack up the pieces in the bags and take them anywhere you want. A  great idea and perfect for family bonding.

Next we have a game I remember well from my childhood. A true classic and I can’t even think about how much time I spent playing this game with my sister. Of course, if she ever won then we simply had to play again and again and again and……….

Connect 4 x 4 is a true classic and a must for every household. You can play the children and get annoyed when they beat you or let them play the game for hours amongst themselves. Either way this is a fantastic game and one that is ideally suited to spending a little time interacting with the children.

To see countless more cheap kids toys, many under $20 you can click here. There are masses of cool cheap kids toys for sale so you and them will both be spoilt for choice.


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