Leapfrog My Pal Scout Kids Toy

leapfrog my pal scoutMy Pal Scout, much like the Leapfrog my pal Violet is very high in the top sellers list as of writing (Nov 2009) and with the competition being so fierce they are undoubtedly very popular indeed. Much like Violet Scout has the ability to learn your child’s name, favorite color and even their favorite animal. With a pre-set number of songs and lullabies as well as learning games already on the toy you can also go online to download a large number more.

The my pal scout reviews are really quite glowing and you can read what other parents have to say by clicking on the image of him above.

The whole leapfrog range really is one of the best available. While we want our kids to begin learning from an early age we do not want to force them to learn. With leapfrog they are getting stimulation but not at the expense of having lots of fun. With Scout you simply push the pads on his paws to activate all the different songs and activities that he has available.

For the incredibly low prices for the Leapfrog pals I must say that I am very impressed indeed. There is not much that is of a better quality and so interactive for such a low price. You will find that the kids won’t want to let them out of their sights and will interact very well with their new companions. Scout really is a very adorable little puppy and certainly worth the very low price that is being asked for him.

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