LeapFrog My Pal Violet A Great Kids Toy

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Here at the kids toys store I have just heard that the Leapfrog My Pal Violet has been released and already it is in the top 10 most popular kids toys list. Here it is.

The price is exceptionally low so I can certainly see why it is selling so well. Leapfrog toys have really come in to their own of late.

Their preschool educational Leapfrog games are gaining in popularity daily and more and more parents are coming to realise the many benefits of combining fun with early education without it being forced upon the child.

You can download your child’s name to the my pal Violet as well as many of their other favorite things.

It comes with set melodies and songs, lullabies and more and you can download an extra thirty online. It is as simple as pressing the paws for the songs as well as activities and much much more. A truly great idea and at a great price too.

The kids really do seem to delight in Violets lovely young voice and her name tag lights up whenever she speaks. It is extremely easy to customise Violet so it knows your child’s name and even her favorite color, animal and more. You can read the glowing reviews of Violet here. All parents that have bought the Leapfrog Violet plush really do insist that their kids love it and they never want to be without it. For the low price this is an amazing kids toy and there are not many interactive kids toys available for such fantastically low prices.

You may also want to take a look at my Leapfrog My Pal Scout review for the other amazing interactive kids toy now available and selling extremely fast. The leapfrog range simply gets better and better each and every day.


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