Lego City Advent Calendar For Sale

There are countless Advent Calendars for sale but none are as popular this year as the Lego City Advent Calendar. With so many Lego pieces it is easy to see why this is something a little special.

Let’s see just what we get with this popular lego Advent Calendar.

The set includes nine mini figures. There are 24 surprises behind the doors with accessories to make this a fantastic Lego surprise. 257 pieces in total mean that the kids will be able to construct their own lego figures.

With Lego making such a comeback of late it is a great way to let the kids add to their collection and you can bet that like the Lego City Advent Calendar reviews on Amazon suggest, it will be the first thing the kids do in the morning.

There are numerous Lego Advent Calendars available and to see the whole range please click here. You can get some great sets while still keeping the kids excited by letting them slowly build up their Lego collection day by day. Don’t forget that the LEGO Ultimate Building Set is also available and it is actually cheaper than the advent calendar.

The big lego sets are a sure fire winner with the kids and every home should have at least some Lego. All children seem to have a really soft spot for it and it is very good to know that it is still as popular today as it has always been.

The fact that it is simply so versatile a kids toys makes it perfect for boys and girls of very varying ages.

lego calendar

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