Loopz Game Mattel

loopz gameThe Loopz game toy is the perfect toy for Christmas. One of the bestselling toys currently available please see below for the cheap Loopz game prices.

The Loopz game toy is a very fast paced action and music memory game that is great fun for the whole family. 7 different game modes keep the kids and the adults on their toes.

Loopz Game Christmas Toy

Perfect for Christmas time fun the Loopz Game allows us to perform a variety of actions. From copying the pulsing light and staying in time to quickly tagging a light before it changes.

It is fast paced fun that improves our speed and agility and our memory too.

If you want a great fun game that the whole family will really want to get involved in then this is a great choice. Already sold in large numbers this is set to be one of the most popular toys of all for some time to come.

The four loops flash up in fast sequence and we have to mimic the flashes and the movement by putting our hands in the corresponding loops, and the longer we play the faster it all gets. This is one of those cheap toys that are more than worth the money. And unlike many other toys it is not one that is going to be played once and then forgotten  about. It will be played with time and time again.

Full of flashing lights and music it has everything that the children love in a toy, and with up to 4 players able to get involved at any one time it is great family fun.

If you want a toy that is loved by kids of all ages then the Loopz game by Mattel is a great and very affordable choice.

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