Matchbox Mega Rig Pirates Ship Reviews

Buy The MATCHBOX Mega Rig Pirates Ship

The Mega Rig Pirates Ship has suddenly seen a large surge in terms of popularity and you can now buy it at a great price via the above link. Let’s take a look at just why it is so popular at the moment, and one of the best toys for boys.

Well, what stands out immediately is the price. This is a super cheap kids toy and this must be part of the reason why it is selling so well. Cheap kids toys are always going to be popular with parents and if we are getting something like the Mega rig pirate ship that is of such good quality then so much the better.

With great accessories included like a giant squid, two pirates and a treasure chest this is exceptional value for money. It doesn’t stop there though. This pirate ship can actually become thirty different ships and floats on water and even rolls on land. There are not many deals that I have seen that are quite as good as this one. It truly is exceptional value for money.

Suitable for kids over four the pirates ship can be broken down and then rebuilt to make different kinds of vessels depending on what you want to do. Race or go ashore or battle against your foes. This is perfect for bath time and is extremely durable and with the giant squid kids will be begging you for a bath just so that they can play. You can’t get much better than that can you?

All the mega rig pirates ship reviews by parents are pretty much glowing. The kids really do seem to love it. They love taking it apart and putting it back together again and it really does make bath time quite eagerly anticipated. A great toy and one that should certainly be on the to buy list. With a lack of good kids toys for bath time it is great to see such a quality and durable item available.


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