Melissa And Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart Reviews

Buy The Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart

This responsibility chart from Melissa and Doug has been a consistent high seller for a very long time. Everyone knows the whole range is of the highest quality and this is no exception. The 2 piece set which you can also see above is becoming more popular as well and here at the kids toys site we think they are a great idea. And don’t forget the amazing Melissa and Doug Trunki suitcases for sale too.

With a dry erase board the real beauty of this set is the 134 magnets which depict both behaviors and rewards. Easy to move the pieces around the responsibility chart this set really does give an easy visual for the kids to see, so that they know exactly how their behavior is treated.

You can show the children what is expected of them from their actions and how they will be rewarded. Reading the Melissa and Doug responsibility chart reviews it is all to clear that parents have found it really does help the children to learn some basic house rules and to understand what is expected of them and what is good and bad behavior.

All children need to know exactly what they should or should not do and this is a fun and interactive way to easily help them understand how their actions are perceived and you have the ability to add your own rewards to the magnets which they can move about in to the right box.

The wipe board is also a great extra feature which makes it even more interactive and more fun. The chart is a great incentive for the kids to fill up their to do lists with rewards and it really does make getting them to complete chores very simple.

Anyone who wants to make discipline easier and to make it easy for the children to understand then this is a perfect item. Everything is laid out simply for them to see so there is no misunderstanding. A great item, the Melissa and Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart is highly recommended.


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