Melissa And Doug Slice and Bake Cookie Set For Sale

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The Melissa and Doug range is increasing all the time, but when it comes to cheap toys the slice and bake cookie set is about the most popular of their entire massive range. Although the Melissa & Doug Trunki is getting very popular indeed. Below you can see just why it is so popular, the price is low but the fun factor is high.

A perfect way to introduce safe baking for the kids.

The slice and bake cookie set includes 12 wooden yet slice-able cookies which are fantastic for the kids parties when they like to play and serving tea and having friends over for lunch. It is nice to see simple toys being so popular as they really do encourage the children to be creative and to use their imaginations.

Maybe this is why the Melissa and Doug range is so popular, it takes the children back to simpler times and helps them to develop real life skills by interacting with their friends or using their imagination to play games. What is so fantastic about this set is that it allows the children to pretend to bake their cookies with the utensils provided and then the decorative tops can be added allowing them to decorate their own cookies.

Kids love the Melissa and Doug Cookie Set

The tops are all fastened with velcro so it is easy to use, allows the kids to develop fine motor skills while at the same time simply having great fun using their supplied kitchen utensils. This really is a great way to let them play at baking in a totally safe and fun way. Children love the sense of responsibility that simple items like this give and it allows them to be creative and make some fantastically well decorated treats.

You will find that the children can spend hours setting the bases out on a baking tray and learning the importance of a glove when handling what in real life would be a hot tray. They then play with the velcro decorative tops to design their own baked cookies, all in all this is a wonderful set and one that is extremely popular.


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