Mighty Beanz Series For Sale

Click To View The Full Mighty Beanz Range

You can click on the text above to see the whole, massive, mighty beanz range. These really have taken off like wildfire, the kids love them and with the mighty beanz series growing all the time this is one of our favorite cheap toys for the kids. Please see below  for more information on just why these are such a popular toy.

The Mighty Beanz are super collectible

With a mighty beanz track available as well as a very large number of these beanz the kids can race them, swap them, collect them and have hours of fun playing with their collection.

Available in a variety of colors and with some mega beanz also available this is one craze that really has captured the children’s imagination. With different faces on each bean the kids will have hours of fun playing the various games that are included in many of the packs. The Might Moose is the most desired of all the mighty beanz and the kids can swap and try to get this most coveted of beanz.

From Ninj Turtle Beanz to all manner of funny faces and animals, the graphics on the beanz are great fun and although they are like the old Mexican jumping beans many of us may remember from our childhoods the graphics and the game options bring them up to date for a new generation of children.

Click To View The Full Mighty Beanz Range

The Mighty Beanz are available for super low prices, making them the top selling choice for cheap kids toys.

Great fun, and relatively inexpensive, just be sure that they do not get lost as they are fairly small. But that is part of the fun, trying to find your beanz to join back in the fun. A great little kids toy that can be enjoyed by children of all ages. They really are quite addictive so you may just want a few for yourself. Tale a look at the many options available by clicking on the text link, you can then browse the massive mighty beanz series.


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