Mini Lalaloopsy Ferris Wheel Playset

There is no doubt that the Mini Lalaloopsy are a brilliant doll for the children. And now there is the Mini Lalaloopsy Ferris Wheel Playset to add to the collection.

mini lalaloopsy ferris wheel

The large Lalaloopsy are definitely very popular and since we took a look at the mini Lalaloopsy the number of sales has been very high. And with the Mini Lalaloopsy Ferris Wheel the interactive fun can begin.


Mini Lalaloopsy Ferris Wheel

We get a free Mini Lalaloopsy with the Ferris wheel, just like we do with the Mini Lalaloopsy Playset Tea Set,  so the value for money is simply amazing. The wheel spins around and holds up to three of the Mini Lalaloopsy. We also get a code to get a free printable map as well. If you want to get a great accessory for the bestselling doll of the year then the the Lalaloopsy Ferris Wheel is the must have item.

The Lalaloopsy dolls and the Lalaloopsy Twins have been a massive hit with young girls this year, they really are like a breath of fresh air on the toy market. Each one is different and each one has her own special name and birthday and looks different to every other doll.

Buy the great Mini Lalaloopsy Ferris Wheel and let the fun begin.

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