Moshi Monsters Moshlings Toys

Moshi Monsters Toys

This is a phenomenon!

The Moshi Monsters Moshlings toys are now available, to complement the virtual game that has taken the world by storm. Not only are there Moshi Monsters toys but all manner of playing cards, top trumps, games, plush options and more, all at incredible low prices. Get best price Moshi Monsters Moshlings for sale from our favorite supplier today!

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The toys come in packs of 2, 3 or 5. Or you can buy a Moshi Monster Plush as well.

Don’t forget we also have a free Moshi Monster coloring pages to print section too. Use Ctrl d to bookmark it so you can print out the characters whenever you want.

Moshi Monsters Toys For Sale

moshi monsters moshlings toys

The Moshi Monsters toys are based on the online game that all children seem to totally adore. The game is now played by millions, with over 50 million monsters created. You choose from 1 of 6 characters and then you can customize them in the virtual environment.

Then you take daily challenges in the Moshi Monsters world Monstro City, where you earn “Rox” the currency. You can go on missions, solve educational puzzles and more.

Parents can read more about it at the Moshi Monsters Website.

The small toys are a great addition and you can bet that your child will be thrilled to get their very own cheap Moshi Monster Moshling toys.

You can get a surprise Moshling in the packs so the children are going to be very eager to see just what characters they have actually got.

Moshi Monster Moshling Video

Pretty cool!

We get a surprise Moshi Monster toy in a pack so it really leads to a lot of excitement. With lots to collect there is no doubt that the kids are going to have a great time making a cool collection.

Take a look at the Moshi Monsters Website to see what the fuss is about. You can also see the guide for parents here, they take privacy and child protection very seriously so it really is one of the most secure environments online for children to play and interact with each other in safety.

Jennifer says: Oh no!

I wish you hadn’t told me about this. I went to the site to make a Moshi Monster to see what the fuss was about and now I am hooked!

I am not as good as the kids though, they are learning so much and the toys are a great addition to the virtual game as well.

See you soon.


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