OWI Robots: OWI Solar Powered Grasshopper

owi robotsFor under five dollars at the time of writing the OWI frightened grasshopper kit is just about the best toy we can think of. For educational toys you really are not going to find anything better for such an incredible price. But the main thing is that it is fun. This solar powered grasshopper toy is straight in to our favorites category and you will soon see why.

This really is an incredible little cheap toys addition. It comes in kit form so the children can put the little critter together. They don’t need a science background, it is all very straightforward and is a fantastic way to teach about solar power as well as it simply being great fun for the children.

Once assembled the solar powered grasshopper kit can really show just how the sun can be harnessed to power any electrical item. And for the crazy low price this is the perfect way to get children interested in science as well as renewable energy options.

Once assembled the solar grasshopper toy will delight and amuse the children as he wiggle about the place. It will even work under a strong light bulb although of course it is best used outside in the sunshine. We really do think this is a fantastic idea and are happy that it is now becoming so popular with the kids and with the adults too.

Get a great cheap OWI solar grasshopper and really show the children the power of the sunshine and they will learn a little bit of science at the same time, brilliant.

You will find that the children really get a kick out of learning something new and this little toy is a perfect way for parents to interact and help out on a small project that is a lot of fun to assemble and the final results with bring laughter and smiles to everyone.

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