PlaySkool Alphie The Robot Learning System

playskool alphieHere at the cheap toys for Kids store we love some of the great educational learning games that are now available and it is now time to take a look at the Playskool Alphie the robot. First of all PlaySkool Alphie The Learning Toy Robot looks really cool, and please see below for the great prices that are currently available.

Let’s take a look at just what the PlaySkool Alphie actually does.

PlaySkool Alphie

First of all this is a fun item for the kids. It sings and plays music and lights are a strong part of his features. There are 30 double sided cards each allowing different activities to be carried out. We can really fast track the children to learning their letters, improve math skills and much more.

All the different cards that are stored in the backpack allow different things to be learned. From recognizing colors to shapes and going through the letters, there are lots of different ways to help improve all of our child’s learning skills and while simply having fun.

Alphie will also talk to the children and tell them certain things that they have to do to continue playing. They then may have to press a button to continue with the activities on the card. He really does seem to have a great little personality of his own so he is very engaging indeed.

If you want to introduce your children to the world of educational learning in a fun way that they truly engage with then the Alphie PlaySkool robot for sale is a great place to start. Use the above link to read reviews of customers who have purchased this early learning device, they show how much he is loved by the children and give a better idea of just what it is that the PlaySkool Alphie robot really can do.

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