Preschool Educational Toys from LeapFrog

They say it is never to early to start teaching our kids, and the huge range of Preschool Educational Toys available would seem to show parents agree.  LeapFrog have been leaders in the field of learning toys for some time.  Their range include items to create a keen interest in learning for children from as young as six months up to around eight years.  Here we will have a look at their leading educational toys for preschool children.

Scribble and Write Preschool Educational Toys

Buy The LeapFrog Scribble and Write

The LeapFrog Scribble and Write is currently the best selling learning toy from LeapFrog.  It has been created for kids from 3 to 5 years, to given them new skills and to begin recognising letters and shapes.

For under $17 you get a kid friendly curvy handheld learning device.  A child size stylus is used to trace letters and shapes on the touch-pad.  Lights show the way to help kids learn the alphabet and shape recognition easily.

The Scribble and Write from LeapFrog aims to teach our youngsters:

  • Pencil Control
  • Phonics
  • The Alphabet, both lower and uppercase
  • Shapes
  • Basic Writing Skills

There is a cute audio featuring Scout (their Puppy Pal) that keeps kids entertained as they learn.  Great for car journeys as everything needed is included in this little portable device.   Four levels mean your child can see themselves progress and be more challenged as they learn more.

LeapFrog Text and Learn

Buy the LeapFrog Text and Learn

The LeapFrog Text & Learn has been dubbed the Baby Blackberry.  It does imitate all those personal electronics so many parents have, and uses our kid’s desire to emulate us to get them learning.  Again this is an inexpensive learning toy, coming in at under $17, but one that should keep 3 to 5 year olds engrossed for hours.

‘Pretend Play’ is the natural way our children develop.  Copying those around them to learn new skills.  The Text and Learn from LeapFrog harnesses this desire, focussing learning on a variety of must have skills for the future.

Again the Puppy Pal Scout is provided as the ‘teacher’.  With cute animation and audio Scout shows kids all about following instructions and learning about the alphabet and keyboard.  Three modes offer different types of learning games, to cover the following areas:

  • QWERTY keyboard skills
  • The Alphabet
  • Shapes
  • Following Directions
  • Motor Skills

The games are pretty varied.  Send and receive text messages from the puppy Scout, improve motor skills popping bubbles on screen and learn to find information checking Scout’s calendar in the pretend browser.

This is a simple idea that has really caught on.  Allow preschoolers to get interested in learning as they pretend to use their own PDA!

Leapster2 LeapFrog Learning System

Buy the LeapFrog® Leapster®2 Learning Game System

The Leapster2 Learning System follows on from the success of the original Leapster Game.  Games from both are interchangeable, so this is one upgrade that does not leave all your old games redundant.

Priced at $49 the gaming system is aimed at 4 to 8 year olds, to provide a range of skills for our youngsters.  There are over 30 games that can accompany the system and more can be obtained via the LeapFrog website.  This connectivity of the Leapster2 allows kids to gain extra points and fun, online.  For parents it provides the opportunity to log on and see what your kids are learning and how far they are progressing, via their very own personalised Learning Path.

Included with the Leapster2 are two preloaded games.  One artwork package and another more varied ‘Dragons to the Rescue’ game.  While kids collect magic crystals and guide dragons through perilous clouds they learn numeracy and literacy.  Starting with recognising letters and numbers they progress through to spelling and multiplication.  With over 30 additional games currently available the gaming system will grow with your child.

Preschool Educational Toys from LeapFrog

All the LeapFrog preschool educational toys come with additional help and guidance for parents.  Once purchased parents can access the skills learning path online, finding ideas to help guide our kids to a positive approach to learning.  All the preschool education toys mentioned are best sellers in their field.  Offering kids the chance to enjoy pretend play while they learn.  Portability is key to ensuring these toys can entertain and instruct wherever your children are.


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