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Arrange your entire hand in to words to win. The Quiddler game is quite a challenge but is one of the most popular of all the many games for Kids available. Kids toys like this are suitable for the whole family and don’t be surprised if you become totally addicted to it.

The set contains 118 cards and is suitable for up to 8 players making it a great family game. There are eight rounds per game and each player draws new cards until they can make a word with at least two of their cards.

Based around beautiful Celtic artwork the cards themselves are a thing of beauty in their own right. But the point of the game is to win, and it can get very competitive, a great educational toys addition as well as being one of the best board games available. The Quiddler game has a scoring system to keep the players totally engrossed and you will find that everyone wants to play it time and time again.

Reading a few of the many Quiddler reviews it is quite amazing just how much people love it. They love that it is fast paced and also that the game can change direction so quickly. You may find that you are wining in the first few rounds but it can very quickly get changed around totally so you have to concentrate and keep aiming for the best scores and the longest words.

If you want a great game for the whole family then this is it. It won’t take hours to play like Monopoly, most games are well under an hour, but the concentration needed is much like Scrabble. Buy Quiddler today and your whole family will stay entertained. It can also be played solo as well, which means you can get some sneaky practice in. Quiddler is fast becoming one of the most popular of all the board games style of toys for kids.


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