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This great Qwirkle board game comes in at an amazingly low price. The fact that this was the Mensa best mind game for 2007 says a lot about just how good a game this is. Suitable for players from 6 years and up we can have up to 4 players competing at any given time.

Games take about 45 minutes and don’t be surprised if you become completely hooked on this, one of the greatest board games available at the moment here at the cheap kids toys store. This game combines the logic of the SET board game (which is very popular by the way) and the creative side of games such as Scrabble. The rules are straight forward and the idea is to make columns of matching of matching shapes and colors. With 108 wooden blocks you need to try to get maximum points by placing a tile that touches more than one other tile and matches their color and shape.

Just like Scrabble it is highly addictive yet game play is a little faster and a lot of fun. The Qwirkle Game is a very inexpensive way to have hours of family fun with 2-4 players at any given time. If you want a great board game that is suitable for both young and old then you will find that the Qwirkle game is about as good as it gets.

No overtly complicated rules to master, just match colors and shapes and the instructions will mean that every one is up to speed in a matter of minutes. I love the fact that it is nice and easy to understand, so many board games can be a little on the complex side, not so with Qwirkle. Rather than spending hours trying to explain the game to others that time can simply be spent having fun and being entertained. Highly recommended for the whole family and for both adults and children alike.


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