Roboni-i Reviews Robonica Roboni-i Programmable Gaming Robot Kids Toy

roboni i robotBrand new on the market and already making quite a splash is the Robonica Roboni-i Gaming Robot. This is going to be a very popular item so let’s just hope the price doesn’t go crazy as it has done with the Mindflex Game. Kids Toys are certainly moving along at the speed of light these days.

If you want the kids to be the envy of all their friends then this programmable Robot will certainly fit the bill. It really is an incredible find. It is just so different to anything else out there as of now. Let’s take a look at it and see just what makes it so special.

Roboni-i Review

As we can see it is a great remote controlled robot in its own right. It has a fantastic movement to it and moves incredibly fast. It is also extremely versatile and can turn quickly but smoothly.

This is just the beginning for the robonii though. As well as a very interactive control pad it has a large number of sensors. These sensors can even be changed to work differently via the computer screen.

It can even explore the room on its own and respond to its surroundings very intelligently. With 16 infra-red sensors this is a very intelligent piece of equipment. Kids can even play against each other with their Roboni-i robots. When left alone for more than 30 seconds he will begin to explore the surroundings near to his base station. He even makes a noise when he bumps in to a wall! Watch out if other roboni-i’s are encountered, he will most likely let off his laser.

The Roboni-i Controller

The handheld controller is totally wireless and with it you control the full 360 degrees of fluid motion he has. The display shows his level of happiness and the current game being played. The controller is a great price of kit in its own right but it is the special features of the robot itself that makes it so fascinating.

Features Of The Roboni-i Gaming Robot

What makes the Robonica Roboni-I so unique is that it actually gets better the more it is played with. The more time invested playing with it the more it grows to like its owner. It will stop being quite so moody and will actually unlock more of its features taking the owner to more advanced levels of gaming and interaction. It will player multiple player games in the real world once it has met other robots.

Also included is the command center program. You then use your computer to change many of the features such as the way it moves, the sensors, and even the LED lights. You can create your own games or download games that have been made by others.

What is amazing is that there is also a whole virtual world making this a fantastic and very exciting piece of kit for the kids, combining as it does so many different ways to play. A robot, a game, an online game, the list goes on as to just why this is a fantastic toy for the kids to own.

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