Smart Ass Board Game

smart ass board gameTired of the usual board games? Then you need the amazing Smart Ass Board Game, for sale at a great low price.

This is the number 1 Trivia Game for 2010 and is certainly going to be just as popular for many years to come. Fast paced and perfect for a night of party games or just to lift everyone’s spirits.

So, what ‘s in the Smart Ass Game box?

Smart Ass Game

  • Jumbo Dice
  • Board
  • 490 questions
  • All playing pieces

This is a game suitable for those of many ages although you may have to give the very young ones a slight helping hand. This is not like other board games where you end up playing one game for hours. The average time it takes to play is 30 minutes or less.

It is very fast paced and you will find it hard to keep your mouth shut.

Smart Ass Board Game Rules

The rules for the Smart Ass Board Game are very simple. Each player gets a character that has to makes its way around the board. In turn each player picks a card and starts out by reading the first clue on it. All the other players have to try to guess what is being described. As more of the clues are read out they become easier.

The problem is that we will all want to shout out what we think is the answer straight away, but you only get one guess each. Get it wrong and you are out of the round. First one to guess right moves forward a square.

This is one of those simple game that we love here at the Toys store. It is very fast paced, never boring, short enough to be played once or multiple times, depending on how the party mood is going, and perfect for many age groups.

Try not to be a Smart Ass and blurt out the wrong answer, although you will find it hard not to do so.

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