Squinkies Gumball Surprise Playhouse

squinkies gumball machine
We looked at the great new Squinkies release the other day and already sales have been very high so now it is time to look at the range of accessories available. And it is the Squinkies Gumball machine that is the “must have” Squinkies accessory. Available for a great low price we do recommend that, as with the Squinkies themselves, you buy early to avoid any price fluctuations as these bestselling toys become more and more scarce.

When you buy the Squinkies Gumball playhouse you get 9 Squinkies too, all in their bubbles and ready to be dispensed by the Gumball machine. It works just like the real thing. Put the coin in the slot and out comes a Squinkies toy.

The machine also opens out in to a great Squinkies playhouse too so there really is no end to the fun.

The Squinkies Gumball machine for sale is one of the best options if you are only going to buy one accessory, it allows the Kids to safely store their toys in their balls to keep them safe and it is also a great play time accessory too.

Squinkies toys

With so many different toys available this year this really is one of our firm favorites. It is great to see a toy that is cheap but offers so much. The Squinkies bubble packs that allow the kids to have 16 toys is such a great idea. We all know that the children love to lots of toys and with the Squinkies they get just that.

They can collect them, and also swap them with friends and with so many different play options they really are the most exciting new toy release since the Zhu Zhu pets last year. Take a look at the cheap Squinkies Gumball machine for sale and get it with a cool pack of Squinkies for added fun for the children.

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