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The latest craze has just begun, the Squinkies toys. These adorable little dudes are set to be the number one present this year and with so many affordable sets to collect, let alone the playhouse and much more you can be sure that this is one set of the toys the kids are going to love.

Great Toys for Toddlers and children of 3 and up these are going to be a real winner this year. They are soft, squishy, squashy, and each pack comes with 16 Squinkies, some in clear bubbles and some in secret bubbles for more surprises.

Let’s take a look at some of the Squinkies on sale  items available as well as some of the Squinkies reviews, Squinkies videos and much much more.

Before we do though a word to parents. Already from the reviews we have seen parents are saying that they are selling out in most places very quickly. We work with Amazon to offer you the best deals but prices always seem to rise near to Christmas for popular toys. Last year the Zhu Zhu Pets went from $9 to over $60 as Amazon ran out and only third party sellers had them available. To avoid this we recommend, as do the parents who have already bought them, that you buy as soon as possible to avoid inflated prices. If we could control the prices then we would but at least we tried to warn you this year. The Zhu Zhu prices really took us all by surprise last year. This is also the same for the very cute and popular Fin Fin Friends which are set to be one of the other bestselling toys this year.

Squinkies Bubble Packs 1-6

squinkies bubble packsAt the time of writing there are already 6 Squinkies bubble packs available.

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Each Squinkies bubble pack contains a number of kitties, babies, ponies, friends and more. In total you get 16 squinkies in each pack, and when you take a look at the low price you will agree this is great value for money.

Some are hidden in opaque bubbles and some are in clear bubbles, but each has its own individual protection.

Squinkies Gumball Surprise Playhouse

squinkies gumball playhouseThe Squinkies Gumball playhouse for sale allows the children to have a real life Gumball machine with 9 special gumballs inside. It opens out to a great themed playhouse and this is definitley the most wished for Squinkies accessory, although there are plenty more to choose from.

Squinkies Gumball Surprise Playhouse Prices and Reviews

Squinkies Amazon

All our links take you to our partners Amazon where we are able to offer you great deals on all the Squinkies range. Fantastic low prices for Squinkies Amazon deals, view the full ranges or buy an individual Squinkies bubble pack or toy set.

Squinkies Reviews

The Squinkies reviews so far have all been really rather glowing. With the sets all numbered it seems the kids really are enjoying collecting as many as they can and especially seem to love the ability to keep them safe in the gumball machine until it is time to play.

Squinkies Playsets

There are a few Squinkies playsets as well as many other options such as rings and much more, there really is quite a comprehensive list of Squinkies games and playsets available.

And don’t forget our free Squinkies coloring pages to print. Click ctrl D to bookmark this page so you can return when you want to print of some great Squinkies printable coloring pages.

Squinkies Videos

And of course let’s not forget the Squinkies videos. These sure do look like a lot of fun.

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