Stinky The Garbage Truck Toy

stinky the garbage truck

With the Stinky Garbage Truck we are getting some super stinky fun. The Stinky the talking Garbage Truck toy is one of the best selling toys and we can see why. It can change its appearance, talk and tell jokes, and, of course, collect real garbage.

This really is a great toy for any boy. The stinky garbage toy is going to definitely be their new favorite toy. Let’s take a look at just what it can do.

Stinky The Talking Garbage Truck

As we can see he does not just move around on all 6 wheels.

He can sing and tell jokes and actually has over 90 phrases that he can use. He can be played with just like a regular truck but he also has interactive features. We can see him rear up, eat food, dump out garbage and more. And with flashing lights and a great sense of humor he is the most versatile truck we have ever seen.

Stinky The Truck Free DVD

You even get a free DVD with two episodes starring Stinky the Garbage truck too so there is no doubt that this set is very good value for money indeed. We will find that Stinky can move his head from side to side to take a look around at what is happening and to find the garbage, and with his articulated front he can be put in to all manner of positions or he will do it himself when he is turned on.

We think the Stinky Garbage Truck is exceptional value for money and the most intriguing toy truck that we have seen for a long time, if not ever. Get this very popular toy for boys today and let the Stinky fun begin.

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