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This is the first of many reviews and in depth looks at specific kids toys although the adults won’t be able to keep away from this one, that’s for sure. For those who would rather go straight to the cheapest source for the Mattel Mindflex Game you can simply use the links here to read lots of Mindflex Reviews and buy cheaply.

UPDATE: Last Christmas time the price of the Mindflex game more than doubled as it became so scarce. Currently it is the cheapest it has ever been so we certainly recommend buying it now at a great low price before the price is pushed up because of the low numbers available.

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There has actually been quite a bit of controversy over this and the Mindflex Toy commercial has got people very interested. Here we will have a Mindflex review and cover such topics as just what it is, is the Mindflex Game real and is it worth the money. Let’s get started, this is not a cheap toy when we compare it to to other toys  that are popular like the sing a ma jig toys so we want to make sure it lives up to the hype. I don’t want anyone spending money on gimmicks that do not live up to expectations.

Mindflex Game Review


Now obviously I cannot actually go out and buy all the toys that are available here by our special relationship with Amazon, for a start my Wife would kill me:)

Buy what I have done is scoured the Internet for Mindflex reviews and differing opinions on just how good, or bad, this mind game really is. Overall the reviews of the cheap  Mindflex game are rather glowing. First let’s see what the claims are about this kids toy, for over 8 years old only.

So, firstly it is supposed to combine cutting edge technology with the power of the mind.

There is a light headset that you put on and this reads your brainwaves. The idea of the game is to move a ball that hovers on an air cushion. You raise and lower the ball by concentrating or relaxing your mind. The aim is to move the ball around a complicated course using only the power of your mind.

The headset is a real clincher for many. It is just so futuristic. You even have clips to go on your ear lobes and a metal sensor goes just above your left eyebrow. The kids absolutely love this and if yo use the link above to read the many Mindflex reviews you will see just how much great fun this game really is.

Take a look at this video and see just how delighted the player is with the game. It really is worth watching it for a few minutes to see just how great a game it is. It also shows you just how you play the game where you control a ball with your mind.

This is just so cool. Sorry, I have read loads about this and am excited. It is not often that something so original comes along. The wife is not going to be happy, I think!

So, this really is as close as we will get to telekinesis. You use just your mind to actually move the ball around varying courses with different levels of difficulty. There are instructions included to help you train your brain to really become a telekinetic magician.

The game itself can be changed in a myriad of ways. There are multiple hoops and hurdles and all kinds of obstacle that can be moved to make endless unique courses. Family and friends can then challenge each other to mentally move the ball through, up or under the obstacles.

Does Mindflex Really Work

The good news is that there is absolutely no doubt that this really does work. You need patience and concentration to master the game but it does not seem to stop the kids getting totally engrossed. While not an educational kids toy as such it greatly improves concentration and helps with mental abilities.

What I found very interesting was that one lady said that it really helped her autistic son. It seems that the level of concentration required really slowed him down and he said that it was the best gift he had ever been given. This really does show what this game can do. The Mindflex Mattel game is in the top ten best sellers list and I think we can see exactly why.

Mindflex, Real Or Fake?

It’s real. There is absolutely no doubt that this really is a game directed by the power of the mind and concentration. If you want a very unusual toy that will actually have the whole house clamoring for a go then this is it. I have never come across anything so unusual and I am glad that this is the first proper kids toy that I have written about here.

It seems that everyone who attempts the Mindflex Game is totally engrossed and fascinated by it. It really is so space age that I am finding it hard to resist. Maybe time to raid the cookie jar?

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As always I check for the best prices for toys online and again (as usual) Amazon have the best possible prices. This may not be the cheapest of games but it is the most fascinating one I think I have ever seen. It is no doubt the reason why it is not far behind the Zhu Zhu pet hamsters in terms of numbers being sold. I think that for the interactivity and the time that will be spent playing the Mattel Mindflex game it is well worth the price.

What do you  think?

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