Top Toys For Christmas 2016

It is approaching that time of year again so it is time to see what are the best toys for 2016 and Christmas this year. With so many new releases becoming available all the time it really is hard for adults to know exactly what to buy. Here is a run-down of what we think are the best deals, and the most exciting toys.

Best Toys For Christmas 2016

xia xia pets

Xia Xia Pets

It simply has to be the great new release that is the Xia Xia pets.

These are 4 small toy hermit crabs that are already set to be the most popular toy of the year.

Cheap to buy, lots of fun and they scuttle about the place if we push on one of their claws.




The Lalaloopsy dolls fared extremely well last year and are set to the the bestselling doll again this year.

If you want something just that little bit different then this is definitely the toy to buy.
They are all different. Have great names and are a great price too.

syma s107g

Syma S107G

This is a mini remote controlled helicopter that kids simply adore.Again, nice and cheap but will provide hours of fun. It actually fits in the palm of your hand and is intended for use indoors.

Extremely versatile and easy to learn how to fly, buy the Syma S107G and the kids will be ecstatic!



The squinkies only cost a few dollars but young children love to collect them. There are hundreds to collect, all different and all lots of fun.There are various playsets and extras that the children can play with and the great thing about them is they also act as storage containers so no mess at the end of the day.

Which is always great news for parents!


barbie pink dream townhouseBarbie Dream Townhouse

The Barbie dream townhouse is the ultimate gift for girls. Over 3 feet tall and absolutely amazing. It comes with lights, sound, furniture and more.

If you want something that will really delight a child then this is as good as it gets.

Please feel free to browse around for other other top toys, the most popular are to be found on the side. But pick one of our top 5 toys for Christmas and you are sure to see some smiling faces this year.

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