Ultra Stomp Rocket Toy: Cheap Stomp Rockets

ultra stomp rocket

We looked at the Stomp Rocket Jr recently and now at the best selling toys site it is time to take a look at the Ultra Stomp Rocket Toy. It is available for an amazingly low price.

The kids are going to be absolutely amazed with this fantastic and luckily for us, very cheap, toy. For the low price there really is little that compares for an amazingly cool outdoor kids game.

The Ultra Stomp Rocket soars to over 200ft!!!

Just wait until the children get to play with the Ultra Stomp Rocket, for sale here at a great price.

You get the stomp rocket launch pad and four foam tipped rockets. The kids stomp with all their might on the launch pad and the rocket will go flying in to the air. All perfectly safe, we are simply using air pressure to get the height. And the rockets are not going to cause any damage because they are foam tipped.

This really is an amazingly good toy for the price and it has won numerous awards for its popularity and creativity. Buy the Ultra Stomp Rocket and you are going to be a popular gift giver, that is for sure. The Stomp Rocket is suitable for children of 8 and over and  really is an amazingly popular toy that the children will play for hours with. They can gradually learn how much they need to “stomp” to get the required height and it seems it has even been used horizontally to fire at objects.

The beauty is that because the rockets are foam they are not going to damage anything they hit so we have no worries about them breaking anything.

All in all this is a highly recommended and cheap toy for the children to keep amused for hours with. If you have been looking for an ideal outdoor toy for the children then this is about as good as you will find, especially for such a cheap price.

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