What Are The Best Kids Educational Toys?

Trying to pick the best kids educational toys really does depend on their age. What might be right for a 10 year old certainly won’t be as appropriate for a 3 year old. apart from navigating to the correct section by age and price via the links to the left let’s take a look at the most popular kids educational toys for the specific age ranges.

For kids toys for very young children we will be able to avoid the electronic age but as they grow a little older there are lots of very interactive electronic games and toys that have a definite educational slant to them.

The Best Kids Educational Toy For 2 To 4 Years

Buy The Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks

At less than $10 it is nice to see a cheap kids toy with a definite educational slant but that doesn’t skimp on the fun. Little sets like this are often now overlooked for more technologically advanced kids toys but it is pleasing to see that the number one best seller via our sponsors is a great block set.

These block sets are a perfect way to get our young children’s mental skills developing fast and the great thing is that unlike some of the more advanced kids educational toys there is not a hint that we are actually trying to get our children to develop their mental faculties via the games and toys that they are given.

Educational Kids Toys For 5 To 7 Years

Buy The Leap Frog Leapster2 Learning Game System

We now see the beginnings of the electronic age. The leapfrog range is immensely popular and cheap leapfrog toys are available. This is not the cheapest in the range but it is one of the most comprehensive and at $45 it is not overly expensive although after viewing the toy via the links you can also take a look at many of the lower priced Leapfrog educational toys.

The Leapfrog Leapster learning game system is a very comprehensive teaching aid and parents can even go online to see just what their child is learning with the game. With over 30 additional games ranging across a broad range of subjects this is extremely competitively priced for such a comprehensive educational toy for the 5 to 7 year olds, although it is perfectly suited up to 8.

Educational Toys For Children Up To 11

Buy The Live Butterfly Garden

At only $14 dollars this is a great educational resource for children. They have their own butterfly pupae delivered and they can watch they grow and change in to young butterflies. The kids really cannot seem to get enough of things like this and they are a great way to teach them about many aspects of nature.

It is nice to see that not all educational learning aids for children are based solely around electronic interaction. It is very important to ensure that they become well developed and an understanding of how nature works is a great way to ensure that they have a well rounded education and knowledge when they are older.

Educational Kids Toys Up To 15

Buy The Snap Circuits SC-300

At $38 this is a true educational kids toy that will keep the sharpest of minds occupied.

There are over 300 projects from this toy so for the money we are getting an awful lot of exciting things for the kids to do. This has won numerous awards and is seen as one of the best educational toys for the growing child.

With doorbells, radios and burglar alarms all involved expect a little noise. Many complex inventions can be created and for the budding engineer this is a must. The advances in our children’s educational toys really shows with this purchase. It really is extremely good value and it will keep the brightest of children engrossed.

I hope this has been of interest and given you a little insight in to just what other parents are buying for their kids when the focus is on both fun and giving them a little head start over their peers by combining both fun and education.

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