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The Hyper Dash Game is one of the most popular outdoor games available and is so much fun that when it comes to cheap kids toys and it is easy to see why. There are not many games for the kids that are quite as much fun at such a low price.

Let’s take a little look at just what this game is and see why it has gained in popularity quite as quickly as it has.

Well, it seems that this is one of those games that as well as being lots of fun to play can also help improve the mind. It helps to improve both math skills as well as physical stamina. Players are able to make a choice from four game modes to challenge speed, skill, memory, coordination and teamwork. We can also have the option to play the game solo as well.

We get one electronic tagger and five different targets. The skill levels vary so it can be made harder as players progress. The tagger plays a series of music and then calls out the target that needs to be hit. What is such fun about this is that the targets can be placed at any distance away that you wish so it can be a very good workout indeed if you place them far enough away. Players are automatically timed with the Hyper Dash game to see just how well they are performing.

The different levels make the game increasingly harder. Starting with simple calling out of colors we progress to colors and numbers and eventually we will be called to solve math questions so that we can then dash to hit the right target. The problems that need to be solved get more and more complicated so it really is a great learning and math game as well as being exceptional fun to play for all the family or in teams or alone.

Hyper Dash Video

Take a look at the video below, but remember this is even better played outside where we can spread the game out to cover a larger area, which also means more fun and more exercise too.

There are a number of different games to play so this really is one of those firm favorites that will be enjoyed for years to come. All in all the Hyper Dash game seems like it will be great for the whole family and can give you exercise while learning but primarily it is simply great fun to play.

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